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Couple Counselling

Your relationship is special; one of the most important emotional investments you make in your life time. Your relationship is likely to influence and effect how you feel in each day, how you work and think; how you love and are loved. It is also bound to have a large inpact on any children you may have or are planning.

It for these reason's and many more that it is imperitive that your relationship remains healthy.

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Just some of the problems I can help with that you may relate to:

  • Has one of you had an affair?
  • Perhaps you are struggling to understand each other, maybe frightened of conflict?
  • Maybe you are considering separation?
  • Is communication impossible?
  • Do you seem to be going round and round in circles?
  • Lost that special spark and intimacy?
  • Jealousy
  • Children left home and you have nothing to talk about any longer?
  • Do you find less time for each other now baby is here?
  • In-laws interfering?
  • Moving house?
  • Caught up at work?
  • Financial difficulties
  • Thinking of having children?


All of the problems above can be very stressful on a relationship and I can help you to resolve them and other issues.

Prices £45 per hour. 

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