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 What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a Psychological Therapy used to treat emotional and psychological conditions. Hypnotherapy can enable you to discover the root cause of many unwanted behaviours, relationship problems and beliefs that get in the way of your true potential and success. Hypnotherapy aides the unconscious mind to find significant alternatives to unwanted feelings, thinking and behaviour.

 What are the sessions like?

The session are an hour long and will involve you being professionally encouraged to enter into a tranquil and calm state. The experience of hypnotherapy is relaxing and considered by most to be ‘an interesting and life changing experience’

I am a qualified psychotherapist and can incorporate other forms of therapy to your experience to make your desired changes thorough and long term.




Face to face at Hewitt House - £45.00 per hour

Face to face at a different location - £45.00 per hour + travel costs

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